Are you interested in experiencing a new country and new culture? Bethel Agricultural Association (BAA), in its efforts to build a university in Woliso, welcomes all kinds of help. You may think you have nothing to contribute to the BAA project. However, we are interested in sponsoring all kinds of beneficial activities as this helps build positive relationships within the Woliso community. Before you dismiss the idea of possibly becoming a member of a mission/professional team, please fill out the “Contact Us” link with information about yourself, your interests, and areas of expertise. Potential teams could include children’s ministry teams, agricultural and engineering teams, labor teams, medical teams, business people, etc. Who knows? You may be on the plane with a member of the North American BAA board the next time they travel to Ethiopia. This blog show images from a trip taken by Dr. Bill Yost, an animal veterinary doctor, in February of 2018.