Victor Paez, founder and leader of the SeminarioBautista de Venezuela

Venezuela is a country in crisis. Approximately two-thirds of the people in Venezuela have lost between 20-25 pounds of weight, with the poorest losing most. Traditional meals are decreasing in size and quality. Nine out of ten people cannot afford daily food, with more than eight million people having two meals a day or fewer. Sources of iron, vitamins, and other nutrients are lacking from people’s diet.

Victor Paez left his career as an electrical engineer to lead his local congregation, IglesiaBautista de Vista Alegre in Caracas where he serves as lead Pastor. He is also the founder and leader of the SeminarioBautista de Venezuela and has been working with his congregation to develop plots of land where vegetables can be grown.

Since 2016 Ohio farmers and members of the OARDC community (i.e. via Dr. Doug Doohan and a host of graduate students) have been providing material support and advice to Victor in a farming project. The goal is to grow food to supplement the diet of seminary students and the church community, as well as providing general support to the relief effort of all people in Venezuela. Bethel Agricultural Association is involved in this assistance. Specifically, high quality vegetable seeds, agricultural information, small amounts of funds, and used clothing have been sent to Mr. Paez in support of his efforts.