With COVID-19 travel restrictions loosening, we were able to host our annual training. The theme for this year was “Improving Environmental and Agricultural Productivity.” There were ~50 participants, made up of model farmers, local, and regional government officials. The presentations covered types of erosion and how to mitigate erosion, the development of a small tractor, a case study discussing soil fertility and the benefits of soil testing, an update on the soil laboratory construction project, a hands-on practicum detailing the development of raised nursery beds for seedlings, making “sack gardens” from grain bags, and many other topics.

There was a small ceremonial cornerstone dedication ceremony at the BEAUTC project site. Professor Warren, the mayor of Waliso, and a few of the BEAA (Ethiopia) board members placed a plaque and planted trees to commemorate the ongoing developments of BEAUTC.

While we were in Ethiopia, we had the opportunity to meet with the Minister of Agriculture in Addis Ababa. He was able to share with us what he sees are the greatest agricultural needs in Ethiopia, and we discussed ways our project could play a part in meetings those needs.

All in all, it was a very successful trip!